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Two Tall Antique Chinese Silk Embroidered Panels Gold Thread circa 1890

These two tall antique Chinese silk panels circa 1890 are each hand embroidered with gold thread and feature the swallow bird both flying and depicted together as a couple. The dramtic designs include a beautifully graceful stand of bamboo in the moonlight with two pairs of swallows and a vase sitting upon a low table filled with branches of pine and open flower blossoms with a spread winged swallow flying above. The extraordinary detail and lifelike realism is enchanting and it is easy to imagine how delightful these panels were when first created and viewed by candlelight. Please be sure to enlarge all the photographs to see the details in full closeup. Most likely originally part of a screen.

# 49T19


20.50" w x 0.50" d x 51.50" h

52.07cm w x 1.27cm d x 130.81cm h