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Vintage French Champagne Riddling Wine Rack circa 1940

A vintage French wine rack champagne riddling rack circa 1940 hand made of timber. This wine rack is made to be fold flat with each panel measuring 2" deep. When open this rack was originally used to support bottles of champagne to provide easy access to the vintner. When champagne is fermenting it is necessary to turn each bottle a quarter turn on a strict schedule to ensure the fermentation in the bottle is spread evenly. This turning process is known as "riddling" and is still used today except a machine does the task. Now these racks are perfect for wine storage as all the labels remain visible. Please enlarge the photographs to see the details in closeup. 

# BB408


28.00" w x 24.00" d x 59.00" h

71.12cm w x 60.96cm d x 149.86cm h