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Vintage French Mirrored Two Door Buffet Credenza circa 1940

Vintage French Art Moderne mirrored two door buffet/credenza circa 1940. This exceptional cabinet is notable for the original set of twenty individual mirrored panels that encase the wooden body. The top of the cabinet is set with a centre mirror of square shape with an etched design of geometric shape and salmon color. Interestingly the design appears to be carved into the mirror but it is actually etched into the mirror from the inderside so when a finger traces the design the surface of the mirror is perfectly smooth. A complementary design is seen between the pair of cabinet doors and this design is known as "verre églomise" because it has been hand painted on the reverse of the glass before the silvering was applied to transform it into a mirror. Both the left and right doors rertain their original brass keys and when the doors are opened they reveal a storage space bisected with a shelf. At first glance the cabinet could be perceived as Art Deco but the slight curve to the legs identify it as being slightly later engendering the moniker "Art Moderne" for its modern contemporary quality that is slightly less rigid and mechanical as period Art Deco. The wonderful reflective quality of the mirrors that sheathe this cabinet create an intriguing effect when it is placed in an interior whether it is used to anchor a wall or used a cabinet behind a sofa that floats in a room.

# 79GSA21


52.00" w x 13.00" d x 30.00" h

132.08cm w x 33.02cm d x 76.20cm h