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Vintage French Painted Iron Circular Round Window circa 1920

This vintage French round painted iron window circa 1920 retains the original glass panes. Circular in shape with five smaller circles inside the painted iron frame the window was originally used to let light into an interior and placed high up on a wall as it was never designed to be opened or closed. Please enlarge the photographs, especially the last two, to see the terrific details closeup. The last two photos show the original grout securing the individually set panes of glass within the frame. because the iron frame is deep it would be an easy task to remove the glass and fit mirror glass into the sctions of iron for a one of a kind presentation. A splendid artifact to hang upon a wall for unexpected visual interest.

# 016EGAA8


36.50" w x 1.00" d x 36.50" h

92.71cm w x 2.54cm d x 92.71cm h