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Vintage French Painted Iron Hexagon Shape Lantern circa 1930

A handsome vintage French painted lantern of hexagon shape from France circa 1930. The clean simplicity of this French lantern with six straight sides extends to the crown also with a hexagon shape. The sole decorative element on this vintage lantern is the raised edge of the crown with its castellated profile. The border resembles that seen on early castles built for defense of the inhabitants and is used here to define the upper section of the painted lantern. Inside the lantern is a three light armature with each socket accepting a chandelier base bulb. please enlarge the photographs to see the intriguing details that give this lantern its appeal.

# 015FCMA10


17.00" w x 17.00" d x 29.50" h

43.18cm w x 43.18cm d x 74.93cm h