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Vintage Glass Circular Net Floats from Indonesia

Marvelous vintage glass net floats in a round spherical shape from Indonesia. Used at the top of large woven nets to both keep the nets floating in the ocean as well as to mark the location these hollow glass floats are individually shaped as well as individually colored. Each float has large dimple from their hand crafted origin as well as a seam running around the entire circumference where they were joined to enclose an air bubble in order to float in teh water. We have twelve of these floats currently and they are priced singly. Of course they each vary slightly in size and shade of green color. You may have as many as we have available. They are tremendously decorative as well as being fascinating objects.
# 010DHGS54


11.00" w x 11.00" d x 11.00" h

27.94cm w x 27.94cm d x 27.94cm h