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Modern Korean Joseon Dynasty Style Ceramic Vase Vessel

A marvelous large modern Korean glazed painted ceramic vase jar vessel modeled after the famous Joson Dynasty wares exhibited to such great effect in the national Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea. Please look at the naturalistic rendering of a tiger amidst lush blooms in a landscape with birds achieved by free hand brush strokes in a brown ink on the cream ware color glaze. Large in scale with dramatically rounded sides this contemporary Korean ceramic vase has an earthy power that is almost sculptural in its effect. Whether displayed on its own or transformed into a one of a kind custom lamp the imagery and coloration of this ceramic vase is a pleasure to behold and live with in a well edited interior.
# 009AHGS18


18.00" w x 18.00" d x 19.00" h

45.72cm w x 45.72cm d x 48.26cm h