A Louis XV style four arm brass and crystal girandole from France c. 1920.


A Louis XV style four arm brass and crystal girandole from France c. 1920. The term "girandole" is French of course and refers to a branched candelabra that is either free standing or attached to a wall. This type of lighting was extremely important for illuminating a grand interior and assumed monumental impact when employed in conjunction with mirror glass What remains the most powerful example of using girandoles with mirrors remains the magnificent Hall of Mirrors at the Royal Chateau of Versailles. Constructed and unveiled during the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715) the mirrored arches illuminated by pedestals upon which stood sumptuously gilded girandoles adorned with crystals was the most talked about room in Europe. The polished brass cage of this girandole has  a circular base that ascends to a shaped vertical column. At regular and symmetrical intervals around the column there are four shped arms that extend outward in a series of sharp arcs with each point of the arc supporting a shaped crystal drop whose cut and faceted edge that originally reflected and refracted the candlelight. While this girandole is at its most glittering when ablaze with lit candles there is a tiny clue that at one time it was electrified in France. In the base there is a small hole where a wire was freed to plug into a wall socket. This girandole may be wired for American electricity and each arm will support a chandelier bulb.

15 " w x 15" d x 27" h
38cm w x 38cm d x 68cm h
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